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Thinking about audience…
November 29, 2006, 1:27 am
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rs-tania-agnes2.jpgI used to think I wanted an acadmic, scholarly website for my project in this class. And I do want scholars to visit my website for information on Mormon women’s history. But I also want average, general population-types to find my website helpful and intriguing. I gave a short lecture on Mormon women’s history in Harlem last winter, and was amazed at how interested the women there were. I hope this website would be a place where they could find more information.

The concept of audience is certainly an important one as I plug through my own website ideas. I like what Rosenzweig and Cohen say about used and useful. I would add to that useable. In preparing my website on Mormon women’s history, I found a very similar one embedded in the BYU library’s website. However, that site is geared toward a particular BYU audience, requiring a BYU id and password to really access documents and certain databases. I want mine to be more open and accessible, used by a more general audience seeking more general information. Thus while their website focuses on providing library information, mine will focus on providing general information: biographies, a timeline, etc.

I think marketing is also valuable. I’ve been asked to sit on a committee that sort of explores Mormon women’s history, and through various actitivies (conferences, symposia, etc.) I think I can both promote the use of my site but also invite people to participate in my biography wiki. Links to other websites, such as BYU’s, will also promote traffic.


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