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February 19, 2007, 9:03 pm
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In my quest for fonts, I actually found one titled “Type this.” I had no idea that I would find such a fascination with fonts. I could spend hours playing. Laura Veprek shared with me a great site with free fonts:, and I found the perfect calligraphy font for my site. I wanted to create a biography page, the first of many, hopefully, for my larger Mormon Women’s History site. My first page, which fulfills the type assignment, focuses on Eliza R. Snow. For the headline, I wanted to find a font that matched her own handwriting. I pulled out a photocopy of a holograph letter and matched a font almost immediately. I’ve been playing around with headers and pull quotes in her font, which obviously I’ve made into images because no computer is going to have this font. I’ve realized, though, that this font comes with difficulty–it’s hard to read. So I’ll improvise and use sparingly. Check out my efforts here: Eliza R. Snow.

Laura also shared a fabulous color blender site. I can put in two colors and the site will blend them with up to 10 colors in between. It’s beautiful–and great fun to play with shades.

I have to acknowledge a very helpful tutoring session from Jeremy Boggs. He is an amazing designer and had some great ideas. My favorite part, though, was seeing his type assignment for Clio 2. Just seeing his learning curve helped me to realize that I’m ok–that I can learn and practice and get the hang of this.


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Thanks, Jenny, for acknowledging my advice and for your kind words about my abilities in your comments on my site. I should say that the color blender was indeed a tip that I got from Jeremy not too long ago. I want to see his Clio 2 Type Assignment!

I think you’re doing a really good job, too. Your site certainly has great info and coming up with a great way to present it will no doubt make it into a very useful resource for people. Unlike some in our class who said that they will stick it out and read something that’s valuable or interesting or useful no matter what the visual style, I will click away rather quickly when a site is poorly designed. I think there is a reason for this: one, these classmates are scholars looking for and in need of particular information and, I assume, will need to read it and absorb it no matter whether they like the way it looks or not. I, on the other hand, am generally looking for an easily accessible resource from which to glean a specific piece of information —say a javascript code for how to accomplish x or something— and will click around to find a site where I can do that quickly. Time is of the essence, and I’d rather spend more time tweaking, debugging, and otherwise working on my own design than sorting out someone else’s.

Comment by Laura

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Jenny, your site is looking great! I love the color scheme in particular, which is quite lovely. What was your inspiration for this combination of colors and that great background pattern? I think your basic font looks quite readable, and fits in well with your theme and topic.

Comment by Jennifer Levasseur

Thanks for posting a few useful tidbits…the color mixer and the free fonts were needed. I looked at Prof P’s sites and saw I was supposed to pay $700 for a font I thought looked good!


Comment by B.A.

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