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March 20, 2007, 1:07 pm
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For my image assignment, I decided to take everything from one large poster created in 1883. I really like this image–there is a lot of depth and possibility. However, the more I played with it, the more I wonder if I’ve really improved things or not. I love what Katrin Eisman suggested: work for 20 minutes, then take a break. I think this is crucial–my neck throbs and my eyes ache and I am anxious to hurry and be done with it all, so I end up making rash movements. I think my favorite part of Photoshop is the history–I can delete line by line. It’s grand.

I must say that I’m not sold on colorizing. I was intrigued by Steve’s comment and I wonder if we try to do too much once we start playing with Photoshop tools. Reality starts to fade away and everything turns to imagination. It’s fun, but I’m just not sure about the finished project. It’s certainly a matter of my own creation; I suppose I’m still coming to terms with how history is actually done.

I’m definitely still working on my site. Here’s a sneak preview.


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Jenny – we didn’t vote on the best Image assignments last night but if we had I would have cast my vote for your poster. I liked what you did with your site overall, I thought the poster was a great improvement and I thought your attempt at coloring was the most successful of the one we looked at. Great job.

Comment by John Lillard

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