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It’s all in the design…
April 16, 2007, 8:30 am
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I have to admit it: I’m actually having fun with this design assignment. I can say that now before I’ve gotten into the headache of actually figuring out my errors and positioning and stuff. I’m just enjoyed sketching out my ideas, playing with backgrounds, colors, and fonts, and talking to people for feedback. I am grateful for the assistance of Laura with my background sunbeam (we’ll see how well it turns out when I actually figure out how to get it in!), and after countless hours of pouring over fonts, I think I found the right one… we’ll see how it all turns out. I will upload soon.

I’ve enjoyed exploring other students’ attempts with comments here: Jennifer’s Sputnik page, John’s Pearl Harbor page, and Bill’s combat page. I know I need to get my page up for comments, but for heaven’s sake, one thing at a time!


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I have found that as much fun as the planning stages have been, I REALLY enjoy the attempts to put it into real pixels. I have found that my plan changed as I experimented while slinging the code.

If you could give me some feedback on my site, I would appreciate it. I am trying to figure whether the font lead-ins I have in each paragraph are useful in attracting attention through the page’s content, or do they just look stupid.

Site address:


Comment by Mark Stevens

Jen – thanks for the comments. My flag showed up in a salmon color (please, not pink!) when I washed it out. The original red would have been too bold and wouldn’t have given the faded, archaeological effect I was looking for. I need to bring the red up some more though. Get your page up so I can comment – see you tomorrow night.
John L.

Comment by John

Thanks so much for the comments–I’ll try some new colors when I get back home!


Comment by B.A.

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